Metal Motiv: Metal Motivation Monday | ABOUT THIS PROJECT
Design of inspirational heavy metal lyrics.
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Metal Motivation Monday is a personal design project, illustrating lyrics of 52 of my favorite inspirational metal songs, every Monday of 2015. This isn’t necessarily focused on hard rock or indie bands but metal bands from a range its sub-genrés and styles. Technically any band on the “Heavy Metal Family Tree” could work.

Music is proven to be the universal language and creative catalyst. When one listens to music, brainwaves are triggered, our mood is altered and the brain can work subconsciously. Like art, I believe it’s important to absorb a wide variety of music to maximize creative potential. Why not strive to listen to music that pushes boundaries and makes a statement? That always brings me back to Metal. Maybe it’s because I’m a guitar player—I tend to listen to the music and rhythms first followed by the words. As long as a song grooves, I (generally) can care less about what a song says. That being said, many of the songs featured here try to push the music and the message—they all motivate me so I wanted to share them with you.

We're the alternative to the alternative, heavy is where it's at. — Stuck Mojo

I know metal is an acquired taste. I believe this form of music—maybe more than any other—has a gateway model of appreciation to it. One band pushes the envelope, followed by the next, and the next, and the next. Someone cannot just start listening to Slayer one day without having some appreciation for the music that led to that style. I think this “acquired taste” is a good thing actually because that’s what keeps it unique. It’s a club of sorts. Most people I know actually don’t listen to metal regularly and/or claim it’s some sort of “noise”, shooing it away if they hear it. Metal has legions of dedicated fans out there without much (if any) mainstream attention or sponsorship making this music even more special. The true “alternative to the alternative” as Stuck Mojo claims.

Honestly, I’m not even sure metal is for everyone—it’s supposed to be an underground, bold statement against the grain of traditional thought and authority! Can you imagine if your Grandma jammed out to Sepultura? Not that there’s technically anything wrong with that, but it very well might change the definition of the rebellious and anarchical nature of Metal.

Each song here truly is meaningful to me. I’ve listened to them all countless of times, and many of them for decades. These songs—and the musicians that wrote them—have shaped me as much as any schooling or life lesson I’ve received. If you like anything here, let me know. If you don’t, I charge you to take a few listens and step outside the box.

Try something new and welcome to the club.

* All artwork featured here is original and designed by Ryan Cuthriell unless otherwise noted. All songs, videos, lyrics and/or band images are copyrighted to their respective owners. The intent of this project is to show how awesome metal is; to design and illustrate motivational metal songs and their lyrics; and to bring this style of music to those that appreciate it and those unfamiliar.