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New Direction


About This Song

Technically a sub-genré of heavy metal, hardcore blends punk rock rebellion with heavy metal speed. I believe I was in ending middle school or starting high school when I first discovered Gorilla Biscuits (along with a bunch of other bands like Judge, Sick of it All, Madball, Shelter, and Agnostic Front also in the hardcore scene). It was such a strong music movement unlike anything I’d seen in rock or metal before. These bands were like gangs, with a cult-like following of fanatics. The New York Hardcore scene was a family of bands and those that were in the scene and down with a band were treated like family. This was/is different than the “fuck it all” attitude that most 80’s metal bands had.

Anyway, Gorilla Biscuits were one of these bands that stood out in my eyes. They didn’t look metal, but they were loud, fast, and distorted. Their track New Direction is an anthem to the era of quality bands, going to good shows, and pursuing honest music. Staying true to what you are is the “new direction”, where ever that takes you in life.



What do you mean it’s time, time for me to grow up? I don’t want any part.
It’s right to follow my heart. The new kids ran, ran out the back door fast,
and the bands that came before they had their noses in the air.
Pretending that they care about our scene just because our money’s green.
I’ll tell you stage dives make me feel more alive than coded messages in slowed down songs.

Now you’re so ashamed, now I’m so ashamed of you.
We believe the same things. You stand to the side.
Rebirth of hardcore pride. It all came true,
too bad you can’t see all the good things that I see.

Back in, back in the days when I’d wait to see the old bands play.
It didn’t seem like wasted days. I was so sincere, but now I see more clearly.
Music’s only work to them. It’s not to me. So I say hats off to bands that change.
Good luck, go your own way. Why play for us if your heart’s not in it?
Cause what might seem dumb to you is pounding in my heart.

Now you’re so ashamed, now you’re so ashamed of you.
We believe the same things. You stand to the side.
Rebirth of hardcore pride. It all came true.
Too bad you can’t see. No, you just can’t fucking see it.

Now you just turn your back. You said I don’t want it anymore.
Old friends you attack. Our pain out of touch. You don’t get it do you?
New stage, new ideas. You don’t have to make excuses for us.
Sitting there looking back, I’m scared.
Don’t spoil memories of the way things were.