Metal Motiv: Metal Motivation Monday | Holy Tears
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Holy Tears


About This Song

ISIS (not to be confused with the radical Islamic State) is my favorite post-metal band. Their track, Holy Tears, featured here is a quintessential example of how amazing yet underrated and unheard this band is. For those unfamiliar with them, or their music genr√© of post-metal, they blend clean and distorted vocals, down-tuned guitars, bass, and effects together, sometimes beat-free and ambient, making beautifully complex and atmospheric and aggressive landscapes of sound. Wikipedia states, “post-metal songs tend to ‘evolve’ to a crescendo or climax (or multiple ones within a song), building upon a repeated theme or chord shift.”

ISIS tracks tracks explore uncharted territory within a song structure. As Aaron Turner of ISIS states, “the standard song format of verse-chorus-verse-chorus is something that has been done and redone, and it seems pointless to adhere to that structure when there are so many other avenues to explore“. Songs average about 6 to 7 minutes or longer (some being close to 10) and tend to build up in dynamic layers of sound. Time is needed to sit and truly listen and appreciate each song. As the song builds, one second might sound brash and aggressive; while a few seconds later, beautiful and calm.

This poster tells the story of the poetic words of Holy Tears, one of their singles off their 2006 album In Absence of the Truth.



He was patient
Slow descent, chills the bones
His wait maybe long
Still he carries on
Always reaching for her
Always breathing for her
Lifting his hand to the sky
Slow change might bring
Holy tears
Upon his battered skull

Holy tears
Holy tears

Her form transformed, from ash to golden throne