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The Windswept Mercy


About This Song

The Windswept Mercy is a a killer track off an incredible double album called The Living Infinite by the Swedish melodic death metal band, Soilwork. I love the narrative this song casts and it’s “never ending quest” tone; almost as if it could be played over a fantasy RPG game or movie. Björn, their singer, believed this album to be as close to concept album as they’ve done, saying this album was written existentially to find those answers to life’s toughest questions yet knowing some things you just cannot understand.

The Living Infinite  is where I believe the band finally found and crafted their sound. Sure it’s heavy but it also fuses so much melody via 70’s and 80’s British and European metal influences. So if you’re looking for something different but heavy, it’s got catchy tunes and crafty storytelling. Via Wikipedia:

“The album received high acclaim. Trey Spencer of Sputnikmusic gave the album a “Superb” rating of 4.3/5, praising the album’s heavier sound, dynamic songwriting and melodic, progressive content. Calling it Soilwork’s “strongest, most consistent album to date”, he stated that the band “have simultaneously stepped back to their past while maintaining their current sound, but they have also diversified their formula more than ever before – and they did so without a single filler track.”



Out we go, we’ve been ruthless
The tears of time, makes it endless
Give me another life
That will grant me with its solace
Watch it burn…

The need for light
That would guide us
Has gone away
While we progressed
Tell me now, does it die
When we turn our heads
And walk away
Walk away…

The winds swept all of our mercy
It won’t [n]ever ever come back
Now the pain we feel is worthy
Watch us carry the final collapse
The final collapse

What can we do?
Resurrect the ashes?
Can we stick it through?
And forgive ourselves?
Our minds are covered with dust
Our need are filthy
Our hands are tied but we still see
That we are guilty
So deliver us from broken dreams
Return us from this mental siege
Throw us back in the cradle of time
And heel our desperate ways…

The winds swept all of our mercy
It won’t [n]ever ever come back
Now the pain we feel is worthy
Watch us carry the final collapse…
The final collapse

Out we go… Out we go…