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Chasing Fear


About This Song

In my opinion, Testament is truly one of the best thrash metal bands of all time. Somehow they were omitted not on the Big Four tour that included Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. These guys have played a full range of heavy metal styles starting with the 80’s thrash, 90’s grunge-era metal, and later to death metal. And they’ve gotten heavier —and better — over time still playing with the core members of the band.

I think what has separated them from their competitors is their musicianship. They’ve always had stellar guitar playing, technical drumming, and great vocal melodies. While there are tracks I love on all their albums, I come back to the album Low. I think it’s what re-energized the band and sparked a new sound at the right time. This album was the first without founding drummer Louie Clemente and guitar virtuoso Alex Skolnick, but in a way, they traded up and got drummer John Tempesta and guitarist James Murphy. James’s characteristic guitar sound just brought a new darker and gnarly sound to the band. This track Chasing Fear has a cool flow to it and I love the message of “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.




Paralyzed and never coming back
Even when your eyes are open everything turns to black
Soon forgotten senses incubates the soul
Hiding from the light fantastic waiting for the show

Contemplation, reality starts to fade
Creeping stare behind dead eyes as the minutes burn the day
Inactive wandering still can’t get a grip
Can God hear your cry before you start to slip

Chasing fear, human mind unglued
Unaware, that fear is chasing you

Endless waiting for nothing to appear
Even when your eyes are shut the visions are so clear
Harmonious dissidence obscure reckoning
Did you hear that final note of silent suffering

Chasing fear, human mind unglued
Disappear, the sickness inside of you
Chasing fear, nothing you can do
Unaware, that fear is chasing you

Loss of function withering of the will
Condemned to a state of nothing moving in for the kill
Brain cells slowly boil, memories intertwined
Listening to that empty space, atrophy of the mind

Chasing fear, human mind unglued
Disappear, the sickness inside of you
Chasing fear, nothing you can do
Unaware, that fear is chasing you